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Slayers Platoon reviewed Martial Arts Ohio
via Facebook

What a great place. They teach kuk Sul (not tae kwon do, like everywhere else) and jiu jitsu so you can become well rounded to defend yourself. They have adult and kids classes. Kids are taught respect and discipline. My girls attend multiple classes every week.

Joshua Gidley reviewed Martial Arts Ohio
via Facebook

How much can I say about Jack and his amazing staff, they do an amazing job in teaching the kids and adults this art. My kids do love doing martial arts and so do my wife and I. We will be in his classes for a long time.

Adam Harder reviewed Martial Arts Ohio
via Facebook

Enrolled the kids about six weeks ago and they are really enjoying their martial arts classes. From a parent perspective, I like how helpful the instructors and other students are during classes - everyone is focused on helping each other do better and advance. I also enjoy that they focus on being a well rounded martial artist, so classes vary between styles and activities (Kuk Sool, sparring, Jiu Jitsu, and more); it keeps everyone engaged and provides a really solid base. Really welcoming owner, staff, and members - it hasn't even been two full months yet and it's starting to feel like home.

Laurel Stiller reviewed Martial Arts Ohio
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This has been fabulous for my 13 year old daughter. She has loved the sport, the teaching and the competition more than I ever could have anticipated. And she has learned how to defend herself too.

Jean De Jesus reviewed Martial Arts Ohio
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I have previously trained other martial art styles, but in the last 8 months I have learned more than the 7 years of combined experience from previous styles. Master Jack is an excellent instructor that is patient and understanding, but also demanding and motivating. I challenge anyone in the area to try this school and practice with us.

Sara Shekerko reviewed Martial Arts Ohio
via Facebook

Very good with all kids including kids with special needs. Jack the owner is very good at Tailoring the class to what your child is capable of spending time with all kids in the class and making sure students listen, behave and act rspectful. My son would live there if he could.

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Coordination for Kids

A child’s physical coordination will ultimately have a bearing on his skill level in sports, academic performance and even attitudes about school and education, according to a report by the Illinois Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance. That’s why it is important for kids to have structured games and activities throughout the day that offer coordination exercises.

With your help, your child can work on developing coordination skills that can help him throughout his life.

According to Greg Silva, a 7th degree black belt in Kenpo Karate and author of the book The Silva Solution: Teaching Black Belts From The Inside Out, “martial arts is like no other sport in developing coordination.”

Coordination is developed thought physical exercise that access both hemispheres of the brain.  As kids begin martial arts, we often notice kids with good physical skills when doing things on their favorite side.  When students punch with their right hand, they are accessing the left side of the brain.  When first starting a new activity, using the less favored side is more difficult, especially for younger students.  In martial arts, we practice all activities on both sides and often from side-to-side at a fast pace.

Mr. Silva explains the process of developing coordination with this analogy:  “If you and a neighbor had a large hedge between your properties it would be difficult to pass from one yard to the next.   However if you and your neighbor would visit often,  a clear path would soon form.”   When kids train in martial arts, the drills, basics and exercises in martial arts form clear pathway of communication and the skills and coordination develop rather quickly.

We see kids improve not only coordination, but also quick thinking and decision making.  Parents concerned about motor skills and coordination might, therefore, consider martial arts for their kids.  There are very few sports that build coordination inherently; football and baseball have drills for building motor skills, but martial arts has the drills built into all of its activities.


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